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Greetings dear Schluuuuuuupers....

Signed, sealed and’s yours!

A Taste of WEEK 41, 2010

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold( A poem by William Yeats.)-heavy line reminds me of Chinua Achebes book-Things Fall apart.

Definitely describes the week I had, a lovely relapse of winded emotion. Tired of the buzz and 'people' decided to retreat at my cousins spot. A good decision as I had time to think with no outside influences or opinions. So it was one chilled weekend, not out and about in the streets, or with friends.  Although a 'window seat' would've done wonders, especially for those introspective moments.

Must say I enjoyed the alone time and it left me feeling more whole and grateful of all I am, and where I am in my life. I may think a lot- writing is my release. And has helped me so far in my life.

Not trying to isolate all in my 'deep' writings, but such my was week and hope to release more energies this weekend. Been thinking of going to the 'waiting room'... As its been a minute and I miss the jams.

Hope you get my weekend, and realise 'One is the magic number', for those who haven't realised it. To those who have, its a wonderful feeling isn't it?

Hmmmm...this week has been one that had great potential to be a low but thanks to those around me has been muuuuch than anticipated. Really proving how much I sometimes can’t afford to keep things bottled up because it could lead to punkish choices.I also witnessed alot of nonsense hit the fan that made me realease a deep sigh of gratitude for those close and real to me.
It was a conversation I had on Sunday at Rafiki’s with some peoples, after a yumm-delicious braai at a friends home, that made me realise how many really pretentious people run the streets and how people are ready to make you look stupid/ bring you down to make them feel better about themselves, one word to sum it up....PUNKERY!!! Moral of the story...if i lived my life caring about what every Tom,Dick,Sally and Sue had to say, I MAY ASWELL BE DEAD!
Apart from having my precious HTC stolen syndicate style and having to conform to the BB side of life, all-in-all it in was a chilled week with lessons learnt(like the above and not trusting anyone), and drizzled with special moments...sigh. 

It was in the later days of junior school, not exactly sure when, is when Razz’Berri first got properly acquainted to hip-hop through her friends brother who would ever so often crank the likes of Talib Kweli, Dliated Peoples, Cypress Hill, Eminem etc. –a pretty good starter pack. It was in high school however, when she got her first Talib Kweli album that her undying love for hip-hop truly bloomed. It was this that saw her and friends(Cherri included) plotting and sneaking off to hip-hop gigs in town, sometimes Rondebosch(Pigg and Swizzle) but more often Obz, where most hip-hop gigs went down back in the day at Armchair Theatre, All Nations etc. Nodding our heads to the likes of Fifth Floor, Archetypes, Driemanskaap, Illiterate Skill,Writers Block to name but a few.

Whipped by love for it all, we would schluuuuurp up all that we could about our favourite local artists be it mixtapes, or sticking our noses in articles about them in local hip-hop/hip-hopish publications like Y-Mag(...sigh). And as we grew so did our our love, knowledge and passion for hip-hop and the culture as a whole. Chuckle chuckle chuckle....we even had our own little crew, the “Black Roses”.

Perhaps our ears were off the ground but it seemed like gigs got fewer and the scene just wasn’t what is was. Crews spilt, mixtapes got fewer, heads got drunker and it became an all take no action kinda game. It just got weird. But for some odd reason big things were popping off in the Jozi realm  which was odd because Cape Town was the Mecca of local hip-hop, the home of the pioneers such as Prophets Of Da City, Brasse vannie Kaap and a range of the countries most top-notch hip-hop Dj’s i.e. Ready D.

Now, its not to say that the Jozi sound was wack but it was different from we were used to. The game changed as it has now.  The point was all about innovation. People became more 'commercial' in their lyrics and delivery, in the beginning it was hard to digest it, but it was understood that it was a movement and with movement change is inevitable and is key to growth of the material. Echoed by DJ Kenzhero, local hip-hop mogul on decks and founder of Party People and Uno July a.k.a Tommy Jinxx from Ill Skillz who are fast making waves in the local scene and pushing passion internationally. Kenzhero rates in the comparison of the scene to the CPT scene JHB  that “there are a lot of variables when it come to that comparison. Economics, cultural, perception etc.” .Uno reasons the lack of progression in the CPT hip-hop with the fact that it’s not innovative but with that said the main media infrasturcture lies within the “City of Gold”, so CPT is at a disadvantage when it comes to exposure. Which makes a lot sense, as there is now a pattern of CPT artists emigrating to the more commercial(...hmmm)Jozi to get their “hustle” on. Which raises alot of questions....but thats another story for another day.....

Kenzhero describes the CPT scene ten years ago as “ confusing because of demographic and generation gaps” and if he could would “suggest a generation wipe and start afresh”. Which makes sense when you look at the history of CPT hip-hop with it being one big movement but divided at the same time.....APARTHEID!But Google it further... The CPT hip-hop scene isn’t even really run by Capetonians any more. 

At the end of the day it’s not really about JHB vs. CPT but about nurturing and breeding a culture that has no borders and has some kind of meaning to us. But it would it would be shame for the talents about it went to waste. Hip-hop is something different to everybody... for some its about pushing passion(bOmpi philosophy). Some peoples dreams get lost and others do what they do for the passion and not necessarily to be known-the fame. And others do it for egocentric purposes. 

“Hip-Hop you the love of my life”-The Roots

Hip-hop is one of many things that Cape Town proudly hold its head up about but once again we fall short of pushing the passion. If the quart of Black Label could be put down for a bit, it would be a greater force to be reckoned with. Big-ups to the folks who are pushing a.k.a hustling and doing big things but to the others stop moaning and VUK√öZENZELE...nxa!

Ms. CHERRiE: Skwatta Kamp- Moya ft. Relo. What a jam, I needn't explain how beautiful and what memories the whole Mkhukhu Funkshen album has for many. But for those who don't know, its a hiphop group that has changed hip-hop and inspired many to do what they do. The album always takes me back to when all we needed was an open mic session or kopanos to get by in life-was our thrill. (Would've mentions 5th floor, which I think has the wordsworth of S.A hip-hop..[.although my favoutite lyricist is Pro'kid]..but it would all be a conflict of interest).

Skwatta Kamp's blow up album, Mkhukhu Funkshen

Ms. RAZZ’BERRi: Forget the week...My flavour of the year is the whole How I Got Over Roots Album. It has got me fixed like a drug. This album is a breath of fresh air with a collaboration of various genres and artists. The general flow of the album is amazing and will have you fixed from start to finish. Favourite track off the album is “The Day” Feat. Blu( who was down here recently) and Petty Cash. This album is a serious breath of fresh air from all this punkish cheas naks music...LONG LIVE THE ROOTS, LONG LIVE!!!

Ms. RAZZ’BERRi: Forget the week...My flavour of the year is the whole How I Got Over Roots Album. It has got me fixed like a drug. This album is a breath of fresh air with a collaboration of various genres and artists. The general flow of the album is amazing and will have you fixed from start to finish. Favourite track off the album is “The Day” Feat. Blu( who was down here recently) and Petty Cash. This album is a serious breath of fresh air from all this punkish cheas naks music...LONG LIVE THE ROOTS!!!

How I Got Over-The Roots

This big things are popping this week, starting tomorrow. Catch the man who is seriously causing havoc in the house scene, DJ Kent at Chrome tomorrow rolling 6 with CPT’s finest,Dj’s p.H, Lyle and Trixx included (!/event.php?eid=157914187573874/).

Cappello Cape Town turns 2 years old this weekend, and to celebrate they bringing some house music heavyweights down. Christos, Cleo and Black Coffee(in that order) will be bringing much merriment to the crowd on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday.
More Info. on!/event.php?eid=125110110877342)

For the more alternative lot. Basement Radio goes down this Friday at the intimately, sassy Mumbo Jumbo in Greenmarket Square with Djs Tom, Rob and Kimon hit us up with some Afro-beat/Dub/Reggae/ Soul and Funky beats.

More info.

Thats that from us to you for now with love...

Ms. Cherrie and Ms. Razz’B(....pOof)*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE DOUBLE(5th and 6th) SCHLUUUUUUURP.......

Greetings Schluuuuuupers...

It's been two weeks since we last made contact. Our sincuuuurest apologies. We have been pushing passion for days, in the name of improving the blog and BOMPi to add extra KAH-PLAM to your weekly schluuuuuurpity schluuuurp. Got some interesting things underway, starting next week.

We have officially been in the blogging game for a month now and WOOOW, the feedback has been overwhelming.Thank-y0u.Thank-y0u.Thank-Y0u. We feel truly blessed by it all. Please do keep giving feedback as you have, be it in the club, the streets or

Ka-CHiNK to our first month together and to the many more to come!

Enough banter.....2 weeks worth of schluuuurp to ingest....

A TASTE OF WEEKS 38 and 39, 2010
Week 38 started very slow, started with a shoot (ask NO questions, hear NO lie). Saying goobye to the winter chill and hello to the summer thrills… With work, and all my thought in between I decided to have some downtime with a few friends, so we could share some good laughs. It was my friends birthday his past Monday, given the weekend was a long one we decided to hang out for braai day at a spot fit for good times…Mzoli. So we had the delicious meat(waited for hours till we had no apetite,lol) hung out with people I hadn’t seen in years and decided during the night time, to do my religious last-Friday-of-the-month activity, Party People. Enjoyed most of it, especially cause I got to hang with my girl I hadn’t in years. Lovely day and night, decided o chill at the beach for the Sat and play in the sun we hadn’t seen in a while. Saw dogs flirting with each other, who wouldn’t let us be…but enjoyed seeing how the thrill of the chase even goes for dogs.

This past week has gone by soo fast(Razz’Berri agrees 150%)... The weekend was bitter sweet! Missed Georgia perform 'Roses', a moment that I hope I’ll experience live on her home ground(would love to see how they engage with their own, unlike when they pay homage when in the 'Motherland'). But I did however spend my weekend with lovely people who always seem to make me smile and they ever-so-potent wisdom they share with me. Missed the Loeries too, purposely though...think I enjoyed last year too much didn't wanna have a tainted sequel too it and I know CPT has one more year to host-so next years gonna be on toes!...

In the past two weeks it has become very apparent how spontaneous a life I lead. I like to describe it as a lucky never know what you going to get. I suspect this partly due to losing two people I know almost exactly a month apart from each other. You just never really know...sigh!

But amidst the bleakness and passion pushing, its been a damn fun 2 weeks dabbling in unfamiliar territories and learning so so much, like not to exploit open bar tabs as much as I did at the EXCLUSiVE Nike gig tOday 2 weeks ago. Spoek Mathambo(also known for Sweat X and Playdoe) and Umshini Wam did best cranking some dope kwaito tunes that could get a real pantsula breaking a sweat. And as per usual Sibot did very top-notch things on the decks...ooooooo boy! Thereafter roads lead to Seasons for Riky Rick launch (hosted by Black Cherry- who out did usual)which proved to be a workout of note as the music made it hard to part with the dancefloor. And if you haven't been aquainted with the freshness that is Riky Rick, I recommend you get involved very quickly...

As result of thursday my whole friday was spent in bed, but not before I briefly checked STR.CRD but unfortunately before big things happened. But my many little birdies had nothing but the best things to say about it.....leaving me bummed that I missed out but proud that Cape Town did best-whoop whoop.

This past weekend was just as juicy not even because of the Loerie awards but just nje. To see Thandiswa Mazwai and my favouritest woman at the moment(flavour of the week) live in the outdoors was mind blowing. Once again and my trusted dancefloor killer partner and I did fancy things on the dancefloors of Camps Bay...first Sapphire on Saturday and St. Yves for Pop Bottles on sunday, which was quite an interesting experience witnessing blatant groupie tendencies(chuckle chuckle chuckle....even had a 1 try befriend me to get to one my friends-eish). Anyhow, I jerked(a dance, for those who don't know) my legs to the only way to describe it. Watching sun rises + soapie stories + Barcelos + egos + keys locked in cars and hangers + bombastic music + groupies + Tropika + "chillin' with the possie..."= Le good life.

So Heritage Month has come and gone. In as much as its supposed to be month where we celebrate our respective cultures as well as the diversity on which the country thrives, its interesting to see how many cultural stereotypes play a significant in the way we eat, sleep and play(interpret that as you will)...

Now we being two Xhosa females we can't really speak for other cultures but from where we stand it's amazing how much dribble is said about Xhosa people, Xhosa females in particular...the men are another story(chuckle chuckle chuckle)...

The prejudice that come with being Xhosa dates back to Nonqawuse's ages. Her story seems relevant to how most say 'amaXhosa ngamaxoki'(Xhosas are liars).

A brief summary of the young Nonqawuse;

Nonqawuse was a young prophet, who told chiefs to kill the cattle as she had had a dream that Xhosas' would gain more wealth in doing so. So her being the 'sangoma', which was well respected in the day, they did so.

Starvation came for the Xhosa tribe, most died and the Xhosa tribe soon diminished, as we are nomads. She was then privately detained because of the false prophecy on the Robben Island. If you're interested in the full story, here's a link

With that being etched in the memoirs of Xhosas' we were naturally deemed liars.

Yes, stereotypes are the result of consistent behavioral patterns within in specific group/calibre of persons. And yes, these tales are sourced from some kind of general underlying truth. However, let it not make us ignorant folk. What you see isn't necessarily always what you get and perhaps these stereotypes go a lot deeper than what we actually see them for. Like when Xhosa women are labelled gold diggers, but maybe they not gold diggers and they just know what they want and straight up ask for it unlike 'subservient Tswana/Sotho women.

Interacting with friends from different tribes, its sometimes quite apparent how divide we still really are. Whether it in the pronounciation of certain words or the shadowing myths, we have crossed paths with people who turn blue at the mention of Xhosa. In our day in age we should know there's truly more to people than their tribe-especially when it comes to personal characteristics. It is however, quite interesting to see how some of the plots/ideas of the apartheid policy are still subliminally playing a tune in our fresh, young brains 16years into our democracy. But that's a story for another day...

"I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your". -I Am Not My Hair, India Arie

It is crucial you embrace your culture and your traditions as they are a fundamental part of your being BUT they are not all that you are.U dig? And remember, every cloud has a silverlining...schluuuuuurp it up!

Ms. CHERRiE:My flavour of the week 38 was hands down 'Got to Get It Up' by Marvin Gaye. This man revolutionised sensuality in music, especially in his melodies. From 'I Want You- Sexual Healing' you're bound to hear his tenderness in his voice. One of my favourite artists, one I would've loved to see live. But his music lives on and brings joy to those who listen to it.Go on and bump this jam-its bound to make you happy!

.Jade,  forgotten 'one-hit wonder' trio group, from waaaay before Destiny's Child and 702...'Don't walk away(Boy)'. Its my flavour because I always seem to wonder what happens to these forgotten groups, i.e. Zhane. Been literally jamming hard to this jam for this past week and for those who've forgotten or don't know the group check it on youtube....Enjoy(",.)*

Marvin Gaye
Too cool for new school(chuckle)...Jade

Ms. RAZZ'B: Week  38 saw me blues-ing to a 'never-say-die-favourite'...Floetry, Flo'Ology. This is due to the fact that its jam packed with memories and no matter how lonely/single I am, makes me love,love. Gives me butterflies...Just as much as Georgia Anne Muldrow's "Simply a Joy" makes one want to fall deep into the throws of love. In all its shortness, its so mesmerizing...the production, her voice and (sigh)...the lyrics. #nuffsaid. Found myself repeating  this song at the very least 6times at a time-eeekk. I'm actually out of words. I was blessed enough to see her and Dudley Perkins live this weekend in Langa,thanks to the Pan African Space Station and WOOOOOOOOOW, to watch her perform and hear 'Roses'(which is on Mos Def's 'Ecstatic' album) live....woooow! As described in the Pan African Space Station booklet...Georgia Anne Muldrow is a your self a favour and just listen to her.

Georgia Anne Muldrow-Early

Finally, after much turbulence in the past two weekends, the storm has finally reached some calm. Highlight of all highlights this weekend....DJ PREMiER in both JHB and CPT. A legend amongst many in the hip-hop game, DJ Premier a.k.a Primo a.k.a Preem, is known as one half of Gangstarr(him and the late Guru) and the mogul behind a lot of the bombsatic hits, that we have grown to know and love in predominantly the underground scene but also for likes of Christina Aguilera, Kanye West and the Black Eyed Peas. More info... ( )

Rocking the Daisies (!/event.php?eid=106476216071067 )couldn't possibly lower their exorbitant ticket prices enough to keep us away from this gig. To those who are going up though, travel safely and PLAY HARD. If you haven't already, you have exactly a week and two more days to check out Mr. Fuzzy Slipperz Exhibition. Do the right thing, tittlate your arty tastebuds, and prepare to be blown away...this bloke is in a league of his own!( )

Last blog Razz'B mentioned her new favourite person Gary Thomas(...yay). To those who would like embark on a bombastic musical experience do make your way to Waiting Room on .Certified goodness!More info (!/event.php?eid=157599664260255 )

Otherwise, that's that for now. Next week we push more punch in the flavour...(so excited). But, you'll just have to wait and see...

Till then...

With love from us to you...

Ms. Cherrie and Ms. Raz’Berri Bompi(....p0of*)

This blog is dedicated to Andiswa " Andy Pandy" Ngcingwana


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Greetings Schluuuurperiser...

Welcome back to die-hard schlurpers and to all the new members. We are wholeheartedly glad to have you back( Olwetu's( Ms. CHERRiE) dimple is popping out with excitement-chuckle chuckle chuckle)

WARNiNG: Due to the lengthly content, we cut back on the quest this week to bring you more goodness, but a double dose of the Quest Victim will be delivered next week, more wine=more fun...chuckle!!

On your marks, get set....SCHLUUUUUUURP!


Had a lovely week, one never stops learning about themselves, this week proved to be one insightful week for me.

Friday, end of a rough week for many, ended to be a lovely day. Spent it with lovely Cape Town( CPT is REALLY small, a matchbox). Went to Neighbourhood with a friend, for what was meant to be drinks only. But the night only ended at 7am,hehehehe and worth every moment...

Well, my week was InSAAAAAANE! The working days were spent organizing the weekend and the weekend was just one huge party.

As previously mentioned, my weekend was spent just outside Worcester for Earthdance( an annual weekend party, that goes down round about this time ever year, at a camp resort called Nekkies).
Got there on Friday afternoon welcomed by Fletcher on the decks, after the bombastic scenic drive and had our tent pitched on a slope by my friends brother and friends, which meant that all our thing were in one corner at the end of the weekend but at the time it seemed like a great idea. By the time we left on Sunday we covered in a thick layer of dust and stench…(to be continued at the end due to lengthliness)

Dear Cape Town a.k.a Mother City,

Let us start by saying how beautiful and majestic you are. We constantly marveled by all that you have to offer. The sea, the mountains, the mesmerizing view from De Waal whilst driving home after partying in town and just your generally calming energy. We wouldn’t have chosen a better city in which to be bred…Dankie, enkosi, siyabonga and thank-you for moulding us into the people that we are.

This year more than any other(we think), has seen us meeting a lot of new and different people(our all time favourite activity) from in and around the country that have a) moved down here from other places or b)have just come to visit. And quite often, the question that seems to pop up is “so what do you think of Cape Town?” More often than not the answer goes along the lines of “…it’s a great place, I/we love it BUT the people around here are quite unfriendly and cliquey…”. Eish!

Cherri had a young chat with a friend not too long ago who had recently hit your shores, this chat matched many of our dialogues with other non-Capetonians. She started talking about the friendliness your people lack, she compared you to Johannesburg she’d be buying air time and would spark random conversation with someone and the next thing she’s invited to a braai and so blooms a new friendship right there and then. However, she's never felt such warmth in hippy/happy/pink/chilled Cape Town. She went on to say your people are too cliquey which is in fact the naked truth. Cape Town, you are quite bleakly and awkwardly cliquely.

In defense to those who like Cherri, who take time warming up to new’s understandable. The clique part of it is sadly true. But for the Raz’berri’s this is extremely lame. As she feels like it is such tendencies that stunt your progression.

Cape Town, you have sooo much to give but one of you main weaknesses is you peoples clique-dom mentality. This is particularly obvious in the way they party. It’s like there are designate party places for certain crowds, and if one steps out of their ‘designated’ party spot into another it’s like hell has broken loose. Example being Razz’B going to the Savannna party at Cappello’s 2 weeks back, the first thing she got told by one of the hosting folks when she got there was “uh, you do know here is no hip-hop tonight right?”. It was said in jest but it truly highlights the state of segregation that overshadows this city.

Cliques are all too natural in life. We all have people we can better relate to than others, and some of us will be more progressive than others. BUT what you or others can bring to the table, in terms of general progression/networks and business should not be undermined because you are not friends with certain people[do note: there is difference between knowing the right people and friends] or chill at certain spots. And that is where you fall short. It’s a symptom of Cape-Town fever, playing it safe. The thing is, you never know what Xoliswa who xavatha’s( a house dance, to those of you who might not know) at Vudu might have to offer to Zack who does the hustle at Waiting Room. You dig?

A guy named John*(name reserved for safety reasons, but is not the first to bring this up) highlighted in a conversation with us that there is a group of ‘Cool Kids’ that seem to be dominate the CPT streets. These folks being the ones who patent what's in and what's out, who’s cool and who’s not.

Not being part of the 'Cool Kids' kind of puts us out of the box, not that we mind as it constantly opens the mind to new things and experiences. Being around different people and meeting them adds a bit of spice and difference in the way of thinking in our lives. And with no disrespect to anybody, maybe it’s time we used our peripheral vision and stop scoping life in telescope kind of way, through one tiny lens and makes thing seem bigger than what they actually are.

Yes the company you keep might make you-but it’s not all you are. A friend said something so profound yesterday 'if people didn't think too much about what people think, everyone would be cool'. So yes we are indeed trying to keep up to a standard of relations that don't really match with what we're about, but what people think of us.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but OURSELVES can free our minds”-Redemption Song, Bob Marley

Hope with all that being said, we all free ourselves from our own mental slavery and stop putting bars in things that aren't really necessary. Rome was no built in a day, but ultimately it the small things that make all the difference, who knows maybe if your people adopt an open minded mentality by smiling/greeting the guy/girl behind them in a que,that could just be the beginning of something worthwhile in their lives…who knows.

In closing, Cape Town, you are damn beautiful, bubbling with ever-so charismatic diversity and potential; making you truly unique. Now take that potential and exploit it. For you deserve nothing but the best.

Your sincerely, sprinkled with the sweetest,juciest regards,

Ms. Cherri and Ms. Razz’berri Bompi(…p0of*)

Ms. CHERRiE: “Thank You”-Jay-z... If you know me well enough, you'll know a Jay-Z track was bound to pop into my flavour of the week. I enjoy Jigga because of his staying power in the game and still releases hits in his 40s. This track is from 'The Blueprint 3(Soul Assasin Special Edition)'.

This jam is too lovely. Always puts a smile on my face, he pays homage to his fans and still maintains that Jigga arrogance(which I adore, yes adore the arrogance). The beats good too, it’s what attracted me to the song. Yes, Kanye produced the beat so you know it’s good!

Ms. RAZZ’B: ”Contraption Distortia”- Gary Thomas. Before Saturday, I knew nothing about this guy but when I heard at Earthdance, he completely knocked me off my feet. Durban, really churns out some good music.

Gary Thomas is a stand alone guitar player who with just an acoustic pedal and his guitar, makes theeee most mesmerizing sounds and music. I have never seen or heard anything like it. As he puts it in his album inlay, his music is ‘weird’. So this, won’t titillate everybody’s tympanic membrane but it is well worth the listen. I was privileged enough to get the album, so if you are welcome to come over for a cuppa tea for a young listening session, otherwise check out his Facebook page for details on how to get downloads or your own copy. LOCAL iS LEKKER!!!


There is far too much going on this weekend it has go our heads spinning so we just gonna selfishly give you links as to where WE gonna be.

Thursday, pre-drinks go down at the Pan African Space Station for some poetry hosted by Nonku at On Broadway in Long St. starting at 6 as well as Cappello who are properly celebrating Heritage Day (boerewors, chops,pap and chakalaka on special that night-NO JOKES)taking us way back into the “WAAR WAS JY?” era; with old school kwaito, hip-hop and house. Later we head to a 2-in-1 party at F-Tv(Cape Town),as “THE STARS COME OUT with Riky Rick”( and pre-party for the Kumnandi Ekapa Picnic (!/event.php?eid=155020867855389) going down on Friday(!/event.php?eid=150085411690982).

Friday, ALL roads,no matter where you are, lead to the first ever sneaker-head showcase at Cape Town Station(yes, the place where you catch the trains), this is gonna be huge with a ridiculously amazing line up of acts and dj’s(!/event.php?eid=107684302626154). Don’t be “THAT” person who misses out, you gonna regret it.

Thereafter, it’s Dj Kenzhero’s Party People featuring Mingus who apparently has some fresh things up his sleeve. Get it while it’s fresh folks (!/event.php?eid=143643265678811).

For the more commercial folk, you can indulge in free Amarula all night at the Amarula party at Chez Ntemba with Djs Will, Waps and Mario doing best on the decks (!/event.php?eid=156229444404596).

Thereafter, our bodies will be over us, so we’ll leave it at that. Hope to see bump into a couple of you, otherwise…read all about it next week.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend celebrating your heritage, planting that tree(not smoking it) and having a good time with those close to you...

That's that for now, but keep schluuuuuurping and tell your friends and their friends, friends 3rd uncle’s cousin, sisters moms friends daughter to get it involved and follow the schluuuuuuurp!

With love from us to you...

Ms. Cherrie and Ms. Raz’Berri Bompi(....p0of*)

P.S. If you too shy to comment on the actual blog or just wanna holler do feel free to invite us on Facebook and tell us your indaba[Just type in Bompi in the search section and you will find us] or you can e-mail us on Kapisch?

RAZZ’BERRiES WEEK 37 continued….
So... in between that all, I had the greatest time ever. Particularly on Saturday afternoon; where I was blown away by my new favourite person, Gary Thomas(ear flavor of the week)and maxed to the ever-so sweet dub vibes from Dj Low and Crosby as well as 7th Sound feat. Lithal. Basking in these chilled vibes I awkwardly anticipated how the crowd would feel about Ill-Skillz coming thru on the hip-hop vibe. To my surprise, they were well received as Jimmy Flexx properly interacted with the crowd, climbing up trees, playing in bins and so on. And the live band really added to the vibe and ‘real-ness’ of it all. Later Poppskarr, soon followed Sibot came through and caused serious havoc the dancefloor. Sibot seriously had people going out their minds. And then it became a blurr, but waking up on Sunday to the unique flavor of Funafuji with bumps, bruises and grazes tell the tale of a DAMN good time night. Having had ice-cream for breakfast, Sunday was spent the recovering, reminiscing and laughing to the gypsy folk tunes of Toby2Shoes, some really country folk singer and lastly, bid farewell by the party starter himself, Fletcher.

If there is one thing you should, at least once…it’s Earthdance. But only if you don’t mind ‘a;ternative music’, cold showers and truck loads of FUN!!!!...and mischief!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Greetings Schluuuurpererer... 

Here it is, it’s signed, sealed and delivered....ITS YOURS!




Feeling quite good about life and the newness that springs brings, floating about in its abundance. Loving the sun that’s beaming down on Cape Town (well, except for today) There’s just something about a beautiful day that’s infectious (making everything that surrounds you beautiful).

Had a fruitful weekend bonding with my cousin, from my paternal side of the fam. Went playing in the sun, and drinking what Jesus turned to water (he knew exactly what he was doing:)). Love meeting new people and my eye candy is a lil’ 8month old who literally stole my heart (FYI:I am not a paedophile nor am I feeling broody, but the eye candy consists of anything that emotionally moves me in awe of its beauty, and I mean ANYTHING.)

I have turned over a new leaf, embracing the changes that are coming my way and loving every bitter and sweet moment that it’s bringing.

Tried by all means to take a pic of this cute nunu, but this is all i could get. Karima, 8months.Her eyes are way to loving to be captured on!True diva in the making....


My week started off with on a very high blood pressure note but eased into goodness as the week progressed. Met some really interesting, fun and crazy people...reunited with some old friends with whom I witnessed some "Cheaters" type confrontations live-hilarious...kicked some 30 Seconds ass(as per usual-yaaawn, can I please get some real competition)...went to LEVI'S DIVAS ROCK which was good but could have been better had certain factors been taken into consideration, but it was also an educational experience (of which I will disclose next week)...and all these times were in enjoyed with either a beer or Woolies Longmarket Sauvignon Blanc in hand.

QUEST VICTIM #2: Woolworths Longmarket Sauvignon Blanc(Robertson Winery)

This sauvignon blanc is quite light on the tongue, with quite a crisp green peppery flavour about it. As you sip on you pick on slight twang of acidity but fear not, as it doesn’t effect its drink-ability. It’s not a heavy tax on the pocket and is great in the build for night time activities (I mean party times by the way)...Oh and no hangover strings attached!-and we ALL love that, don’t we?

Unfortunately I have no picture this week but it’s quite easy to spot in the wine isle.


As mentioned ,spring is finally here...or so it would seem for the rest of the country except CPT. An all time favourite time of the year for many, as winter clothing is packed/given away, short shorts are about the streets, sundowner happy hours are rife but most importantly it marks some sort of new beginning. It's a time to let go of the old, and to usher in the new...mentally,physically(yeah, we've seen some of you joggin and shiee) and most importantlyspiritually/emotionally.

More often than not letting go is a tough business. Speaking from experience in collecting memoirs everywhere that we have adventured to (even if its a club/pub) and having to sift through the important memories and the not so important memories, this also pertaining very much to the matters of the heart…sigh!. In all it’s bleakness learning to let go is imperative so that room for new, greater and more heart-warming moments can be made.

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility”- Kahil Gibran…some of you many know recognize this from the Boondocks.

With that quote being said, it is felt that letting go is all good, as the end is never the end-especially if you feel it in your pulse(Must give thanks to that). Having your heart drenched, broken, emendable are all the good emotions that you learn from. It’s truly up to you to gain the lessons learnt from failure. be it work, family, relationship with friends or intimate relationships.

Learn to love truly YOUrself, grow into your skin and respect all that is YOU. Until you feel that fulfillment of yourself, only then will the love you give be pure (hope that even if you've heard this before and its starting to sound like a chant, please let it be).

There aren't any guarantees in life, and you can’t always blame other people for everything that goes wrong. When you do get hurt, hold no qualms to it and learn the lesson that extends beyond what happened. "Mistakes are portals of discovery", that will ultimately make you a bigger, better person that will lead you to greater things, IF you use them wisely!

As the weather transcends from dull, wet weather to the lovely sun that warms us and brings fresh, new things to life, there is hope that all find some healing or moment of clarity as we embark on the journey this new season brings. Especially to the lovely ladies who settle, and see no other way to the road to true love.

Think of it like Ms. Simone…



Ms. CHERRiE:Keep Looking -Sade, stronger than pride. I love this song, every time I listen to it, I smile. It’s my mood lifter and what I hope is going to be my constant mood for the week. Sade, a timeless group that has Pulitzer prizes for its lyrical content, and the greatest melodies to match, makes you understand why it takes hiatises from the music industry. They're music is all that is life, pure, sensual, lovingly warm (thanks to Sade’s voice). Love this song, and hope it makes your day too when listening to it.
Sade-Stronger Than Pride

Ms. RAZZ’B:My flavour of the week was a hard on to pick out as I found myself listening to a vast range music among them were Writers Block from back in the day, Amerie,Mos Def etc.etc. but most listened to was Andre 3000's Love Below. Love the range of music he played around with on this album, blending jazz with drum n bass in one song, getting soulful on's a crazy fun album that is in league of its own and brings the fun back to music....
Andre 3000-The Love Below


 Big ups to Mr. Fuzzy Slippers who is doing very dandy things for himself. He has put together his own solo project which goes on public exhibition tomorrow in Buitenkant. If we know him like we do, you had best go with your pockets fulla money...For more details ( )...After that make your way down to Waiting Room for A Night of BEATS, BASS, BREAKS and DUB( ) 

For the flashy boys and flashier(in more ways than one) ladies...Johannesburg, tomorrow Love Party and Urban Royal Exclusive. are catering to you, bringing together some of SA's titans of the music scene. On the menu they got Djs Fresh,Milkshake and Naves, to be delivered to you for your listening pleasure at Zouk(Sandton). For more details( )

Cape Town, tomorrow you can look forward to the Spring Fling party, going down at 121 Castle. Bringing you only the best from Cape Town's commercial scene, on the 1 and 2's they got Trixx, Thibo Tazz, Buhle G and Domz. And if that isn't enough, check out the Facebook event page ( )on to get details on the very silly drink specials the got for's gonna get a quarter past late

Come friday Razz'Berri poofs off to whats going to be one of the best weekends yet. As per annual party conduct , Earthdance is here to be held at the usual spot , Nekkies Resort-Worcester. It would take a whole blog entry to explain the extent of[bad grammar-eish] how crazy it's going to be. Just to mention a few of names Razz is going to be looking out for...Sibot, Ill Skillz, Poppskarr, Bruce Willis, Funafuji, Niskerone, Mix 'n Blend etc.etc. etc.OoooooOoooO Weeeee...#nuffsaid ( )

That's that for now, but keep schluuuuuurping and tell your friends and their friends, friends aunty’s, sisters friends to get it involved and follow the schluuuuuuurp!

 With love from us to you...

 Ms. Cherrie and Ms. Raz’Berri Bompi(....p0of*)

 P.S. If you could write Cape Town a letter what would you say to her? 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Schluuuuuurpity Greetings to you all...
First and f0remost, am HUGE thank-you for schlurping it up and to all of those who showed love on our walls and inboxes las week!Madly appreciated!We hope that we continue to add flavour to you wednesdays/week/months/years/lives.The 2nd SCHLUUUUUURP is finally here. Signed, sealed and as you can see…delivered! Otherwise, we trust YOU are all good and ready to rumble...WARNING: this post is quite lengthily!So hold your breath and BE PREPARED.
Let’s get straight into it….  

A TASTE OF Week 35,2010
Week 35, started in unfamiliar surroundings, as I was bundu-bashing in the Eastern Cape. Most of it was pretty good, especially the bonding with family. There is just something more entertaining about partying with family than with your friends. Since it had been five years since they last saw me (yes i don’t go "back home" as frequent as I should), many of my relatives were in awe of my growth physically (you know most family never miss that) and mentally.
Although it we were re-uniting due to a family death, the love and joy was still there and that I enjoyed more than the people I met. Having the family tell me of my late father, helped me with the healing of his death, as now I am more emotionally aware of certain situations and how they can weigh down on one if not faced. So forgiveness was the order of the week. In between the merriment and funeral arrangements, I found peace with everything that had occurred in my life...yes in a week. ...It wasn't all bleak....
Went to Ftv in East London, I’m glad I didn’t have expectations, even if I’d them I’m sure it would've exceeded them. I really enjoyed the eye-candy E.L had to offer and have planned to spend my Dec holidays there... I also just enjoy the vibe it’s unlike any place I've seen. People are just genuinely kind, friendly and there’s no yours-mine kind of behavior.

So , with all the bleakness in my life pushed out of the way. I stepped into week 25 with “Move b***c, get out the way” attitude. Fighting the funk that stopped me from doing what I wanted to, stepping ‘out of the box’. This resulted in having to booty-hop restrictive people off the dancefloor at the Basement Jaxx gig and going to a club/lounge party on my own, and I LOVED EVERY INCY WINCY SECOND OF IT.

My Friday night took an unexpected turn from what it was meant to be, as Instant Grass blessed me with tickets to Basement Jaxx Presented us by Miller and 5fm at the Waterfront Lookout. It is hands down one of thee greatest parties I have been to in forever, I walked off the dance floor wet(yes, from sweat) and the bestest thing of all, is that I was as sober as a judge! If there is at least on party you MUST attend in your life, it’s a Basement Jaxx gig. Everything about it was top notch. The visuals, sound, crowd(even though we had to deal with dancefloor drama), Roger Goode’s set and of course Basement Jaxx set as they hit us old time classics, bombastic dub-step, electro and deep house lovers dream beats etc…It was murder on the dancefloor. Askies to those of you who missed it, maybe next time-chuckle chuckle chuckle….

Saturday, I after being bailed out on by a friend,  made a lonely mission to the Savanna ‘Dj is On Fire’ with Glen Lewis party hosted by R.O.A.R entertainment and Cappello’s in the CBD- a serious dose of out the boxness(hahaha-even got told upon arrival that there was no hip-hop playing that nite). With no expectations I rolled up on the red carpet, VIP style(dusting dirt off the shoulder) and was immediately swallowed by all yellowness of the venue and good music fresh off the finger tips of Kaunda Muzical. At no point did I really feel like I was alone with the welcoming ambience that the place presents, and who was I to complain with the yummy platters, free Savanna’s flowing(“,) and ample networking! Unfortunately the night came to an early conclusion as the venue got too packed for my mildly claustrophobic self but nevertheless, always the more I can see myself drinking Savanna more often than I used to now and spending more time at Cappello’s for my sometimes very necessary house cravings.Hi-5  to the R.O.A.R crew!

Sunday saw me lazing about watching movies, one of the being SALT(Angelina Jolie…YES PLEASE!).
A great weekend spent surrounded by good energies, greater music and simply just CARPE DIEM-ing!Moral of my weeks st0ry? Live your life like its golden kids. 


New brands pop up everyday, like new wines are cultivated and old ones re-branding which made choosing the Quest of the Month for September a tricky task.  It being spring an all, we decided that we would indulge ourselves in a quest to find the yummiest Sauvignon Blanc on the block but at the same dedicate  time to recognize local brands that are pushing passion. So in lamens terms, we on a double quest one being temporary(Sauvignon Blanc) and one permanent. So if you got a brand(of any kind)to tell us about HOLLER!!!

QUEST VICTIM #1: Bellingham Sauvignon Blanc
NOTE: Luyanda isn’t a white wine fan. But this was even to get her spreading the word on this wine like it is the gospel.
It was love at first sniff. From the moment you clasp a glass of this wine in your hands and get a whiff of it, you just know its going to be orgasmic to the tongue.  So fruity and playful on the toungue, it will have you running to the bar screaming for more. We loved it so much, we promoted it to basically everyone we stumbled across at the bar. This wine was made for beachy sunsets, good food and great company…Heavenly.


“I lied. I said you were the truth, you took it as the truth. And now I got you, but I don't want you like that.”-Dwele,Truth
Those are the first few words that spring to mind when I think of settling(in the love relationship context), which is a topic that seems to have come up quite a bit in conversations with friends recently and even on Dr. Phil the other day.
Now for those of you who may not understand the term ‘settling’ in the relationship context, it is when you get into a relationship with somebody who you know has feelings for you but you don’t necessarily feel the same way, but you get into the relationship anyway for the sake of just being in one to obtain whatever pleasure you seek out of it, hoping that you will eventually grow into it.
 In all its distortion, this way of doing things, benefits both parties. The genuine ‘liker’ gets to have the “settler” they’ve been pining for, and the “settler” gets whatever it is that they want out the relationship. However, no matter how much it’s candy-coated…it simply does not work.
Settling is never good. It purely wears out your own pride and self-love. Whycome? The fact that you settling in the first place means that you are lowering the standards/expectations of what YOU feel you are worthy of(practically/realistically because some people tend to get carried away with their wishlists). An example being Khapela(yes, he settled) on Generations who settled for infertile Sara in the hopes of starting a family, even though his heart lies with abused Khetiwe or Lilly on Gossip Girl who married Chuck’s dad knowing Rufus was the love of her life.
Settling is not only unfair to yourself, but more so to the person you're settling with. Loving/liking someone, you expect the emotions to be mutually reciprocated. If it's only supplied more from one end than the other, small problems will be the catalyst of even greater problems in the future. Ultimately resulting in break ups and make ups, giving shape to a toxic relationship (a synergy of negativity), where both of you just bring out the worst in each other. It may seem "crazy, sexy, cool" in the beginning. But like most gangster movies the end is ne’er good.
At the end of the day we all want to be loved and find ‘the one’ that we can “run off into the sunset with” but as the saying goes “all good things come with time”. As twisted as it sounds relationships are investments (emotionally, monetarily and physically-lol), in the hopes that you get all round returns. If you sell yourself short, you will ultimately find yourself wallowing in unnecessary stress and a huge time and energy deficit, time and energy you could have channeled doing something with greater returns(even if it’s by yourself), something that you have selfishly also deprived your “liker” of. Don’t let them soapies, chick-flicks and love songs a.k.a Cinderella syndrome make you a foolish person…It is all fiction, based on SOME truths at the end of it all.
As Lauren Hill puts it, “Never underestimate those who you scar…Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard”

Ms. CHERRiE: A song I love sooo much. The words just helped with my fantasy of a "drama-free" relationship and the fact its sung by a guy make the song just a tad bit more special. Guess Who Loves You More- Raheem Devaughn. His lyrics braided with his voice make you feel like you're listening to a Dwele joint.
Most have probaly heard it on radio, dmx, or own the album. Beautiful song that inspires me to no longer go back to exes(cause they are 'holding up traffic'-as beyonce would say on "greenlight") or try to settle in relationships that really hav no meaning and bring no positivity in my life(this includes friendships). I guess having been through such helps me gain perspective of how far ive come in personal relationship and the places i should tweak as well. The song truly helps with thinking there will be something bigger and better to come, when all is let go and forgiven(importantly forgiveness of self).

And he has got the looks, making him both Ear Flavour and Eye-Candy of the week...hmmmm.... 
Raheem Devaugh-The Love Experience

Ms. RAZZ'B:Being my first ever “underground” hip-hop album, Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal(Train of Thought) was my flavour of the week. This album marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life back then; my love for hip hop, the beginning of high school and my teenage years. Ironically, it marking yet another new chapter; a new outlook on life and new exciting projects. This album has the ability to heal my bleakest days, bring calm and understanding to a burnt out mind and still make me bounce of the walls like I did back then.

Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek-Reflection Eternal


Not  much to rant and rave about this week, unlike last week.Guess marketers are also on strike. However, the highlight is sure to be the Levi’s& VUZU TV Diva’s Rock gig at The Assembly this Saturday featuring Cape Town’s bestest female disc jockeys and artist! A MUST ATTEND! Check out the FB event ( to get info on how to get on to the guestlist for this INVITES ONLY event. 

In the day time you can spill time by checking out the Labia Theatres first spring market, promises to bring good things( and we all LOVE good things! So do the right things and party with the right people(us)…hmmmm!

Phew...Hope you a good schluurp tho….
That's that for now, but keep schluuuuuurping and tell your friends and their friends,friends cousins friends to get it involved and follow the schlurp!

With love from us to you...

Ms. Cherrie and Ms. Raz’Berri Bompi(....p0of*)